QuickComp remains blank



I’ve recently started my trial of Suitcase Fusion 5, but have ran into a minor problem. I can’t get the QuickComp to work.

Whenever I go to the QuickComp view (either through the menu or dropdown view selector in the bottom right) all I see is the greyish blue background. Have I skipped over a step?

I’ve tried reinstalling the program, but that didn’t help.

Thanks in advance!



We got a report about this from a Windows 7 customer in Denmark. Unfortunately, we don’t have a solution yet since we heard about it just today.

What version of Windows are you running and what language is it set to?



I’m also using Windows 7, and I’m affraid it’s set to Dutch. If there’s anything I can try or test for you I’d be glad to help!


OK, so it happens on Dutch language systems too. I can reproduce it on a test VM.

We still don’t have a workaround, but I will try to find one.


Hi Romeo).
I have the same problem. My system has Russian language, SF set in English. Win7 x64.
By the way when I first run the QC, window displays the templates, but after the load disappearing.

I tried to reinstall the program again, and tried on another computer (true win7x64 there too), but was never able to taste QC.

Happy new year)


Thanks for the post. I’ve added Russian to the list of affected languages.

I’ll try to get some developer feedback about the issue next week.


I have the same problem. Using Windows 7 Pro (Service Pack 1) Swedish version.


I have the same problem, it’s really frustrating.
I have Suitcase Fusion 5. Version
Windows 7, swedish.

Please advise.

BR, Jasminka


I have the same problem too! :frowning:

Extensis Suitcase Fusion 5 v16.2.2 30-day trial
OS: Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64 Chinese Traditional (Taiwan)




This issue appears to be fixed in version 16.2.3. Please give it a try. Here’s a direct link:


If it does not address the issue for you, please let me know what version of Windows you’re using and the language that you installed.