Questions about Font Attributes, feature enhancement request


I really like being able to search on attributes but there are a few things I’m wondering about.

First, in Classifications, there are some that are “built-in” and cannot be deleted or edited. I’m wondering what the wisdom was in that decision. As an example, ‘Serif’—I prefer creating additional descriptors like ‘Serif-transitional’, ‘Serif-modern’, ‘Serif-slab’, ‘Serif-oldstyle’, which I can obviously do but then I still can’t delete the original serif classification or change it to one of the previous labels. I would love to be able to clean up the labels and omit or modify the ones I don’t use. There are others that behave in the same manner.

My other question is that since classifications, foundries, keywords and styles are limited by the number of actual number of entries you have entered, why don’t they make the ‘search’ function provide a selection for each of those attributes include a dropdown list instead of making you actually key in the search? That would be a much easier way to filter your search, you could avoid misspellings and other problems with the search argument. Additionally, a dropdown selection could also easily be programmed to ONLY display exact hits. Right now, for example, if I have multiple classifications with ‘sans’ in it, it will show all matches no matter where the characters appear in the string: sans, sans serif, geometric sans, etc.