QuarkXPress issues



We seem to be having strange issues with UTC and QuarkXPress.

When ever a user has QuarkXPress open they get intermittent spinning beach balls for long periods of time. We have narrowed it down to UTC. If UTC is uninstalled the spinning beach ball problem goes away.

We had this issue with UTC4/Quark 10, UTC5/Quark 10 and now UTC5/Quark 11. The issue isn’t with the plugin as we have tried not having the plugin installed and come up with the same results.

For the time being, we have uninstalled UTC on the machines running Quark, however, I did keep one running so that we could trouble shoot.

Machines are 2010 iMacs, 32GB RAM, running 10.10.3.

Anyone else experience this and or have a solution?


Over one month and not a single response. I hope others are having better success with these forums.