Push Metadata into Camera Raw Files


I think I know the answer to this, but what happens when you attempt to push metadata, IPTC or XMP, back down into a RAW file. Errors out?


Bruce Clumpner


Portfolio Server doesn’t support embedding to RAW files. The lists of supported formats for v11 haven’t been published (or aren’t yet available via the support part of the Extensis website) but are - in the context of RAW - unchanged from v5.

Portfolio does embed to DNG. So, if the need demands embedding,I’d suggest making DNG versions of your RAW files. My understanding is that - depending on the encoding settings used - DNG may be configured to encapsulate a full RAW file, so that no RAW data is lost. If not sure on the latter yourself, I’d ask in a forum closer more focussed on those formats.


DNG can encapsulate the RAW, but your file is larger