Publisher new NAT to catalog server


Okay here is the scoop and want to know if anyone else has overcome this issue. I need to change the catalog server IP address, so had a new NAT created thru the firewall for the new catalog server ip. changed the ip on the catalog server, updated the netpublish connection to the catalog server NAT. (note did not restart IIS). i can see the catalogs on the netpublish server, but the web site remains offline.

So do i need to restart IIS or reboot the netpublish server for the web site to come online???


just wanted to add i get this error

An error has occurred in Portfolio NetPublish

The following description was available :

Portfolio NetPublish could not find the catalog file at path ‘’ for alias ‘catalog’. Check to see that this path is correct.

Please contact the Website Administrator.


Have you updated the alias.properties file for the site? Open: /Extensis/Portfolio Netpublish Server/WebRoot/sites//alias.properties in a text editor, then update the IP address in the catalog.1.path line. If multiple catalogs are linked to the site, then update the remaining catalog.X.path lines as well.