Problems with UTS 5, Odd characters


Hi, we have a few macs which are using UTS , we have recently upgraded the macs to 10.10 Yosemite also upgraded from UTS 4 to UTS 5. The macs are also using creative cloud (adobe). All is ok exept the macs appear to be having a strange issue where you can be typing and all of a sudden the characters appear as odd characters (shapes instead of text) this is occurring when using photoshop/Illustrator , and even when using finder it still does the same thing.

I just wondered if this was a known bug or if anybody had come across the issue in the passed?

Thanks in advance.



I can’t say we’ve heard of this from anyone else so far.

Try clearing the system font caches to see if that helps. In Universal Type Client, go to the File menu and select ‘Clean Font Caches’ and follow the prompts. Hopefully that will take care of it.


Hi , thanks for the reply.
We have tried this but the issue is still occurring.

Any other suggestions would be great.


Could you launch System Information (/Applications/Utilities) on one of the affected Macs, save a copy of the profile, then send me a copy via private message? I’ll review it to see what else might be causing the issue.



Thanks for the system profile. One thing that stands out is that there are almost 500 fonts in /Library/Fonts. This can cause conflicts with the fonts that UTC is trying to activate, which could result in unexpected font issues.

Can you go through the steps described in this KB article: extensis.com/support/knowled … -yosemite/

It was written for Suitcase Fusion, but the same steps are applicable for UTC.

In case that doesn’t take care of the issue, can you send me another private message with a copy of the system log (found in /var/logs) from that user’s machine?


@Romeo Fahl
Can the 500+ fonts in /Library/Fonts cause similar conflicts in eg. Microsoft Lync 2011?
We experience similar behavior(fonts are replaced/looks weird/changes) from time to time in especially Lync 2011.



Yes, having hundreds of fonts in /Library/Fonts can affect any application running on that system.

Try moving them out, cleaning your font caches and then restart the system. If that doesn’t help, you can always put the fonts back.


I had this problem with UTS 4 before the upgrade to Yosemite. We upgraded Operating systems and versions of UTS (to 5) together but I haven’t had the problem since. At least not yet, it’s only been two days.