-Problems with Fonts Library


Whenever I drag or put fonts in Font Library, onle the name appears, but no fonts…
I,M getting desperate out here. Can anybody help me, because I have some urgent work to do on some old files, but I cannot access my fonts…


The font name you refer to is smply a font ‘set’. If you’re dragging and dropping a folder of fonts, I can only assume there are no fonts in the folder, at least none that will be accepted by Suitcase or they will show. The typical reasons this happens include orphaned fonts (postscript fonts that are missing either their Font Suitcase or Outline file), or corrupt fonts (often show in OSX as ‘unix executable’ rather than showing a font preview). The most common cause of the second issue is copying Mac postscript fonts from one location to another via a ‘windows formatted’ volume. To avoid that Mac postscript fonts should be zipped before transfer between machines.

If this doesn’t resolve your issue and you want further assistance you’re best to contact technical support directly.