Problems with Adobe Cloud


We installed the new Adobe Cloud. Now e.g. Indesign says that suitcase Plugin ist not compatible (too old) with the new Version of Indesign. Plugin is deactivated. We just downloaded the new Version of Suitcase Fusion 5, see Screenshot


Check what actual plugin(s) may be in the Adobe application folder. You could remove any/all that relate to the Extensis Font Management, and then reinstall using the Manage Plugins feature in Suitcase to ensure that the latest version of the plugin is installed.


It seems that Suitcase Fusion 16.2.0 does not work with Adobe CC 2014. Sigh…


I just tried copying my activation extensions to the 2014 versions and they do not work. Extensis will have to offer an update.


Also with me. After installing CC 2014 the suitcase plugin is too old. Please update suitcase …


Please see this blog post.