Problem With Helvetica On OS X Sierra


I upgraded a clients Mac to OS X Sierra and with the latest Suitcase 7 18.2.2 update.

Now when they turn Helvetica on in Suitcase Safari and Mac Mail show question marks in a box instead of the font. If you turn it off again it is fine. They have to use a different Helvetica to the system font as this is what their client uses.

This didn’t happen in El Capitan.

Any thoughts?


The issue is most likely a font conflict with Helvetica. There is most likely the same font located in their System Folder and another residing in Suitcase Fusion.

I would suggest using our Font Management Best Practices guide to assist with minimizing System Fonts:

If you still are encountering issues, please contact our Support Team using the link below:


What about this from the Best Practices Guide: “A good font manager will recognize the need to use different versions of these system fonts and correctly handle the activation for you.”

It implies that a good font manager will handle any conflicts.

It also says: Since the OS must have some version of these fonts active in order to run properly, it can be difficult to disable them in favor of other versions. It can be done manually, but this requires some modifications to your OS that, if done incorrectly, could leave your system unusable.

Your suggestion worked for me for about 5 minutes. Then the boxes with the question marks came back. So, either my font caches are becoming out of sync immediately or it’s something else.

Does anyone else have this problem with Sierra? We can’t be the only ones. It was happening occasionally with earlier systems but never this bad.


I’ve turned off all Post Script fonts that were running and cleaned the cache again just to see what would happen. Some of them were quite old and things seem good so far after a day of use.