Problem with client and server


Hi, i encounter a problem with universal type server and client.
Universal type server 6 is install on a windows 2012 r2 server and the client are install on the latest mac pro (end2013) and yosemite 10.10.5.
There are some difficulties to activate and desactivate fonts (it often freeze or the program is not responding) the only solution we have is to force quit the program.
Communications between server and client are very slow.
Is it due to windows server and mac communication (in SMB) or due to the big amont of font install on this server (12000 fonts install).
I have read that there is some troubles with postscript fonts… is it better to unistall all the postscript fonts?

Thanks for your help.

And sorry for my “french” accent :wink:


Hi Akira,
To contact Technical Support, please use the link below. The Forums aren’t monitored by the Support team, as they are generally for peer to peer interactions. The Knowledge Base articles, and entering a Support Ticket, may be a better alternative to get your issue resolved.

Kind Regards,
Josh Hallenbeck
Customer Service