Problem duplicate fonts appears


I have tried to delete somme font with my universal type client from my workgroup.
I had about 11000 fonts and i want to delete some, to be more efficient.
I had deleted about 8500 fonts using my client.
But the day after this, i was surprised to see that my font server has 18500 fonts!!!

is anybody have an idea why i have more fonts after deletion, than before.

May i had delete this fonts using the administrator account with TypeClient?



Deleting fonts from the Universal Type Server requires either an Administrative level account, or an account that has been granted permissions to remove fonts from the server.

Is it possible that someone added fonts back to the server? Or, restored the server from a previous backup that had more fonts installed at one point?

Due to the vast number of questions we would have, I would recommend you contact one of our Support Agents using the information below: