Problem adding font


I have a font that will not install with Suitcase. The font was originally on the system, but I uninstalled it and all other non-system fonts, before installing Suitcase. All the fonts have re installed, but one family. The font also installed just fine on my Win 7 desktop, but not on the Win 8 laptop.

I looked in the FontVault, and the individual font folders have been created in SA\l\OTTT–, but they are empty.

The font checks out fine with Font Doctor.

Is it safe to manually delete the empty folders from the FontVault and try re installing? or what?


I would avoid deleting folders in the font vault, because there’s still going to be a reference in Suitcase’s database.

Can you attach a zipped copy of the font to your next reply? I can take a look at it from this end to get a better idea of why it won’t add on Windows 8.