Private Galleries - Admin


Is there a way for the Administrator to see all private Galleries?


Hi mgrosz,

No, there is not a way for an Administrator to see private Galleries. Is this something that would be of use to you? What is your use case in this situation?


Yes it would. A Gallery “disappeared” from public setting. My guess is that someone turned it private and didn’t realize it.

I think it would also be useful for the Admin to see what galleries were recently deleted. For the same reason as above, someone may have deleted it by mistake. I can then use it as a training point.


Thanks for the additional information. It’s great to have use cases like this, and I’ll pass this along to the Portfolio product owner.


I second the request as an admin to see all private galleries. To see what was recently deleted is part of the reporting request I have suggested earlier. User activity reporting is a big missing piece of the portfolio pie.