Prevent image creating on disk every time whilst 'copy both'


f) Is there a way, when ‘saving to disk’, from the virtual categories, you can choose to not copy an image twice? IE when saving to disk a second time/(overwriting), (to ensure that you can update any new images added to categories). Because there may be multiple different images with the same name, when initially saving to disk, you choose to copy both to folder, with the same name and just re-number some of them, and the next time worse issues!
g) Is there a way to have key words in extensis carried across to the new images copied from the virtual categories to the disk? is this only possibly by imbedding key words?


f) & g) No. See my answers to (d) and (e) in the previous thread. I’d recommend you do not use categories as effectively they are a dead end within the app and not fully integrated (nor likely to become so).

I suspect you, like many, are looking at this feature in the hope of using it for controlled vocabularies (hierarchical keywording). If properly integrated, Categories is the obvious part of the app to use, and such a move is regularly requested though over the years this has been rejected by the then Product Managers (not sure of the current view).

My hunch is that Categories are maintained only because a number of large long-term users have employed them (likely those who ported data from Canto Cumulus (in the 90s Cumulus used ‘Categories’ for keywording, not sure if it does these days). So, re-purposing Categories is probably out, whilst building a hierarchical keyword manager feature neither seems to have support from the Portfolio dev team nor enough user pressure to implement one. I suspect this is an area where it really does need users to be vocal before this significant lack on the app is addressed. I think I first submitted a request for such a feature back in about 1998!