Portfolio Server version off assets possible?


Hello everyone, I’m considring if I want to buy portfolio server.
The problem is that I want give my customer a imagebank, where he can search for image “sample1” if he found “sample1”.
Then after this search I want to give him several version of this “sample1”.

search: sample

Found sample1, sample2, sample3

I want sample1.
But there are serveral other verions off this sample1: sample 1RGB, sample 1CMYK, sample 1CMYK_NEWSPAPER.

The Point is now that I want in the first search only the: sample 1RGB, and not the (sample 1CMYK, sample 1CMYK_NEWSPAPER).

IS this possible in this program?



I believe you called our UK office this morning in relation to this question. What you’re talking about can be done in various ways, from filenaming to metadata tags or custom fields. Or as likely advised you could focus on cataloguing a single ‘master file’ and then using the Media Engine of Portfolio Server to produce derivatives ‘on-the-fly’. There’s lots of options in this regard as to how files are output, be it in relation to resizing, converting, and also applying effects, both with ‘off the shelf’ options, and with custom scripting to meet more specific needs.

You can also use multiple catalogs of galleries within a ctalog where necessary to separate searches on master files from derivatives, if you do still prefer to pre-produce different versions of files.