Portfolio Server 8.5 Error


Dear all,

Our server has been running fine for a few years but recently the following error has occoured.

An error has occurred in Portfolio NetPublish

The following description was available :

F:\Net Publish\WebRoot\sites/Direct/templates/search.np:10:

Right away I can see the forward slash is out of place but not sure where this is defined?

Any help greatly appreciated.


In addition I have found another part of the error message

CatalogSet.get() could not find a valid catalog for the alias named ‘catalog’. Check to see that the catalog offset you specified is correct.

Any help is appreciated.


Sounds like your site’s ‘alias.properties’ file needs updating to point it correctly to the catalog. You can do this either direcly using a text editor on the file, or by using the NetPublish Administration ‘Manage Sites’ option to edit the alias, via the Desktop Client.


Thanks for the reply.

Upon viewing the logs it appears to be pointing to the correct catalogue but throws out the following error.

07-08-14 09:57:35 [2040] ERROR pw.worker <base&site=National&template=search.np&searchCatalog=catalog> - Alias::OpenCatalog() had database error ‘STG_E_READFAULT’ with catalog ‘\svr18\Portfolio\Exterion gallery.fdb’

Could this be a DB corruption?