Portfolio Flow Not Connecting


Just upgraded to Portfolio and NetPublish Server 11.2. “Enable Mobile Uploading” is checked. But unable to connect to Portfolio Flow within the IOS App. I triple checked the server address, username and password, but some reason it spends a few seconds trying to “Sign In” then results in “Cannot Sign In…The Request Timed Out.” I’ve tried with both WIFI on and WIFI off (cell connection only), but no success.

I know the PORT 8090 works b/c I am able to successfully connect through Web Client using the same server address and corresponding port.

Any ideas?


Hello Matthew,

Perhaps port 8090 is blocked on your wi-fi router. Open a web browser on your iOS device and see if you can connect to the same address on port 8090. If you get a page that tells you to install Flash (or you have Flash installed and get the Web Client), then the port is open. If the browser can’t connect at all, then that port is blocked.


Ah…yes that must be it…looks like it is blocked as Web Client will only connect while I am on the campus network. Their firewall must be blocking that port.

I guess I assumed NetPublish was using the same port (not blocked) as Flow would be using…guess not…

Thanks for the info!