Portfolio API Code Samples for VB.net


The Portfolio API documentation comes with several code samples that illustrate the different methods available through the API. The languages currently offered are Java, C#, and PHP. But the API is not limited to these particular languages. If the programming language supports SOAP web services and you can generate language stubs from a WSDL, you should be able to use it with the API.

Attached to this message is a zip file containing code samples for Visual Basic .NET. These are not complicated scripts and are similar to the samples supplied for Java, C#, and PHP. They were written to demonstrate specific methods, but they are functional.

Instructions for using the VB.net Code Samples


  1. Download and unzip the attached file.
  2. The zip file contains several Visual Studio solutions. One for each sample in the API Code Reference.
  3. Open and Run in Visual Studio 2009.

You will need to make some modifications to the scripts to get them to work on your system.
Open the files in Visual Studio and edit Module1.vb.
Change the ‘SERVER’ variable so that it is pointing to your Portfolio Server.
The ‘catalogName’ variable references a specific catalog the script interacts with. Change this to one of your own catalogs, or create a catalog called simple.fdb.

Please post any questions you might have to the forums and we’ll answer them as best we can.

For the very latest updates to the API documentation and new code samples, you can view the online API code reference.

VBnet Code Samples.zip (2.94 MB)