Portfolio API and WordPress


On a couple of different occasions, customers have asked me about examples for integrating the Portfolio API with WordPress, a popular blogging tool and content management system. I discussed the idea with Ed Smith, our resident DAM expert and WordPress user and asked him what he would want in a Portfolio WordPress plugin. Between the two of us, we came up with a list of requirements and developed a plugin.

What it does.
This plugin allows you to browse the Portfolio Server, perform keywords searches, and import images into the WordPress Media Library. Once imported, you can add the image to any one of your Blog posts.

You can limit access to a specific Gallery, or you can browse your whole Catalog.

Unzip the attached zip file and place in the wp-content/plugins/ folder in your WordPress installation.
Log into WordPress, enter the Dashboard and choose Plugins.
You should see the Portfolio Browser in the Plugin list. Click the Activate button.
The Portfolio Browser should now be active in your WordPress installation.

The Portfolio Browser plugin should place two new locations in WordPress.

  1. Portfolio Settings: Located under Settings, this is where you set up access information for the Portfolio Server. You must enter an IP Address, Catalog, Username, and Password. You can also specify a Gallery, but this is optional.

  2. Portfolio Browser - Located under the Media tab, this is where you browse the Portfolio Catalog.

    From here you can search for items via Keyword, or simply browse page by page.

    If you find an image that you wish to use, click on the Import button next to the Thumbnail. This will import a copy of the Item’s preview into the WordPress Media Library.

This plugin was developed using PHP and WordPress 3.5. This is plugin meant as an example for you to develop your own plugins and is not considered a finished product. It is provided AS IS and will not be supported if you use it in a production environment. That being said, if you have any questions about the development of this plugin and your own attempts, feel free to chime in.

portfolio-browser-plugin.zip (162 KB)