Portfolio 8.1 and NetPublish 8.1


Hi, Extensis Friends.

I’ve been given the task by my employer to get a DAM effort up and running using an older, now-unsupported version of Portfolio 8.1 and NetPublish 8.1.
I don’t know where to begin, and I’m reaching out to see if anyone in this Community can point me in the direction of on-line resources that are in laymen’s terms.

If you know of any other options I might propose to the heads of my I.T. department other than totally upgrading, I’d appreciate that as well.

Basically, when 8.1 was first introduced, they didn’t have a full imaging/web department. Now that they have myself as a resource, we’re trying to finally get the software in-place.

Thanks very much for your assistance.


Hi there,

There’s a high probability that you may not be able to utilise the versions of Portfolio and Netpublish that you currently have due to compatibility issues with current operating systems and supporting third party applications.

Bear in mind that version 8.1 predates any Mac operating system after 10.5 and Windows operating system after Windows Vista, 7 and Server 2003.

You can on the other hand still find information on legacy versions of Portfolio at; portfoliofaq.com


Hi, rcheung.

Our I.T. director does have the Portfolio 8.1 and NetPublish 8.1 (server portion) implemented. My questions really pertain, to the actual launching of catalogues, gallieries, etc. We have sales reps who often have image requests. So I’m trying to get the “Bravado”-themed templates working and “talking” to each other.

If this information above helps in providing further information, that’d be great.

In the meantime, I will review the legacy link you’ve suggested.

Thanks so much. :slightly_smiling:


Portfolio v8.1.x is no longer supported so you’re likely not to get formal support.

If you’ve got Portfolio & NP (and at least one Desktop client) working as you appear to have, then just publish. If not please be more specific as to the point at which you’re stuck. Exact version umbers, OS version etc., are all necessary for anyone to give you advice.