Poor Font Display in PDF at 100 percent


I am trying to figure out if the font display problem I am having has something to do with Fusion 4 (v15.0.5) Acrobat (vCS5.5) or Mac OS X (v10.8.3).

When I view fonts in other applications (e.g. InDesign, Photoshop, TextEdit, MSWord, etc.) they look fine at any distance on screen. But when I generate a PDF, either from with the application or via Acrobat Distiller, they look poor on screen at reduced or 100% of size. Sort of jaggedy but not truly jagged. When I zoom in really close the fonts look fine. I am primarily using Open Type and Postscript fonts. But this happens with any fonts. They are embedded and it prints out just fine. Just the screen display is bad.

Any ideas how I can resolve this?


How does the PDF look in /Applications/Preview.app?

If you zoom in and they look good, they probably haven’t been converted to bitmaps.