Plugins not installing CC2018 with latest installer


Old plugins worked on everything but Indesign. Getting startup error that plugin not installed. Downloaded 18.2.4 installer.
No option to install plugins unless it’s supposed to do this invisibly. Had previously removed old plugins. Nothing installed.
Did Extensis hide the plugin installer somewhere else?



Suitcase Fusion 7 does not contain plug-ins for CC2018. These plug-ins are only available in our latest version of Suitcase Fusion 8.

If you are a registered user of Suitcase Fusion 7, you may purchase the upgrade through your Extensis account by logging in here: https://secure.extensis.com/loginpage


Yes, unfortunately, I just found out. No CC2018 plugin support for 7. Purchased 8 and was truly shocked to see how bad and “dumbed down” the new interface is (see all the comments from other users). Luckily, the only CC2018 app that won’t work with the 7 plugin is Indesign. I can live with manual activation for that program until Extensis fixes 8.


This is ridiculous. Auto activation in the Adobe Creative Suite is supposed to be a feature of Suitcase. You’re essentially blackmailing your users into upgrading to what is, apparently, a vastly inferior product if they want to keep using this feature. This is not the kind of behavior I expect from a company like Extensis. I think it may be time for me to switch to a different font management tool.