Please help! Portfolio 11.2 for photography only


Hello Everybody!

As a photographer I have ca. 250.000 images DB (90% of them RAW files with XMP side-cards) and I want to migrate the actual catalog from Idimager/PhotoSupreme to Portfolio.
Please be so kind and help me with following issues:

  1. Does Portfolio Server 11.2/Portfolio 1.0 synchronize with XMP side-cards. Do you know a practicable workaround?
  2. Can I use hierarchical keywords vocabularies like in Adobe Lightroom?
  3. In case that I get for a certain raw file a nonsense thumbnail, how does the support from Extensis help?

Thanks in advance!

Sincerely Yours - Tiberius



A couple of comments from my experience…

  1. The native database engine in Ver11 had trouble above 125,000 records, so you will have to split your collection into different catalogs. No big deal as you can search across multiple open catalogs and it sometimes helps to segment by date.
  2. Portfolio does not import side-car meta-data, but you can overcome this limitation by converting to DNG and then importing… Can take quite a while for your collection, but it’s do-able and important to import your metadata.
  3. Portfolio does not handle hierarchies, but we use long text strings built to mimic the hierarchy in our vocabularies to overcome this limitation
  4. To fix a bad preview/thumb just opening the original in Photoshop and re-saving fixes most errors. Portfolio can handle most files to generate thumbs and previews, but chokes on 16-bit files. To fix a 16-bit, just save down as 8-bit.

Hope this helps you out. if not, reach-out to talk.


Bruce’s answers address the question of Portfolio 11, but you do mention a ‘/Portfolio 1.0’ in one of your questions. So in case it changes anything for you, here’s some answers relating to the newer product version.

  1. You wouldn’t necessarily have to split the catalog with Portfolio 1.0. The Professional Edition supports up to 500,000 records on the new Elasticsearch engine, without the performance issues the older catalog file would have. The Enterprise edition can extend to 10 million records.

  2. Portfolio 1.0 supports creating a hierarchical Master Keyword List, for easy tagging of multiple keywords. The list can be filtered as necessary if the structure is quite large.

  3. We’d still recommend implementing a DNG workflow for embedded metadata to avoid having sidecar files, and to help standardise when your source files may cover a wide range of RAW formats. We do add additional support over time for newer camera makes/models for our thumbnailing etc., but with DNG you should be able to catalog a file with a thumbnail, even if it’s not yet supported yet by Portfolio in the native RAW format.