Please Cure Limited Sets Pane Width


This is directed to the Development Team.

**REQUEST: Please remove the software limitation that prevents a user from expanding the width of the Libraries/Sets pane. I need to be able to move the vertical panes divider farther to the right so that my set names are not cut off and can be fully read.
I cannot expand the width of this libraries/sets pane. The divider will slide to the right only about as far as to fall under the New Library icon in the toolbar. As a result, names of nested sets get cut off on the right hand side and it’s often hard to tell which set is which. This started happening one day in Fusion 3 after an update. Before that time, I had used the software as I always have without issue.

It was suggested by one of your tech support people to shorten the length of my set names, but even after trying to make that accommodation, the set names still get cut off. (My set names require a certain amount of plain language and other identifying information to be useful to me in using my font sets, so there’s only so short I can make them. I also need to nest set folders to reflect how my graphics jobs are organized.)

I was dismayed to see that the pane-width limitation was not corrected in SF4 and continues to be ignored in the periodic updates Extensis has been putting out for it.

Please, for SF5 at least, please make this change.

TO FORUM VISITORS: If you read this and are having the same issue, please add a note of support for this request.


Thank you for the feedback. We’ve passed your comments to our product manager for Suitcase. If he has any questions, he will contact you directly.