Photoshop CC plugin - any news?


It’s been over a month guys since Jim Kidwell mentioned in this post about the Creative Cloud versions of Photoshop etc plugin being made available soon.

blog.extensis.com/auto-activatio … -cloud.php

Any news on when there will be a plugin for CC (specifically Photoshop) for fusion 4 please? Really missing the web fonts panels in CC and back and forth between CS6 and CC isn’t practical.

Thanks. Dave.



Unfortunately we are not making any Adobe CC plugins for Suitcase Fusion 4. They are included with Suitcase Fusion 5, so all you need to do is upgrade.


I’m confused Romeo, Fusion 5 hasn’t been out long and I upgraded from V3 to V4 last September, all because of Photoshop plugin problems in V3 which were then only fixed in V4 in December. Are you saying the lifespan of plugin support for previous versions is this short? :open_mouth: The plugin for V4 has only been working since then.

Surely not supporting a previous version that’s only just been superseded isn’t going to go down well with customers, especially when you tell them they have to upgrade and pay $65.50 when they’ve only had 7 months use of the plugin. The plugin for Photoshop was the main reason we used Fusion in the first place. :frowning:


Hi Dave,

Thank you for your comments. As detailed in the link below, Fusion 4 orders within 30 days of the Fusion 5 launch (July 8th) are eligible for a free upgrade to Suitcase Fusion 5. The most recent purchase I have for you is from September 2012, which is outside the eligible grace period.


While we understand your frustration, we have to continually develop our products to keep abreast with the various operating system and application advances that happen during the product life cycle, all which require significant involvement from Development. The software/hardware lifecycle for most technology is on average 12-18 months.

Since we support so many Adobe applications – InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, & InCopy – we have to build plug-ins and panels that support all of the Creative Cloud versions of these products, which were rolled into the release of Suitcase Fusion 5.

As a registered user of Suitcase Fusion 4, you do have the opportunity to upgrade to Suitcase Fusion 5 for 50% off the full version price.

We apologize for the inconvenience.