Permanent fonts do not stay activated


I’m having trouble with the fonts that I’ve activated permanently. They don’t seem to stay activated after a computer shut down and or when an application quits. I’m not sure how to go about fixing this. I looked at all the preferences and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I have a lot of fonts that need to be managed.
Any information would be helpful. Thanks. I’m on a Mac OS 10.9.2 with Suitcase Fusion 5.



Please go through the steps in this KB article: extensis.com/support/knowled … mavericks/ to see if that solves the problem. Let us know if the issue continues after following the article’s instructions.


Hi! I followed the above advice and cleared the suggested library font folders, have cleared the font cache, etc. and I still can’t keep my selected fonts activated permanently, either individually or via folder.



Can you respond to me via a private message and attach a copy of your Mac’s system profile? To generate one, open your /Applicatons/Utilities folder and launch System Information (or System Profiler if on an earlier version of OS X). After it launches, go to File -> Save and save the information as a .spx file. Once I get the profile, I’ll examine it to see what else might be getting in the way of activating fonts on your computer.


Hi, I’m also having the same problem of permanent fonts not staying activated after restart. Anyone has a solution to this yet? I’m on Mavericks with Suitcase Fusion 5.


@ Philip Seet:

If you are still having trouble, then please enter a support ticket so we can diagnose your specific setup.