Permanent fonts are becomming deactivated after re-start


Please help - My fonts turn themselves to unactivated after a restart. I have looked at other forums and have followed the guidelines - I have cleared font caches and used font doctor.
Please help! Am using the latest Mac software and Suitcase fusion 4.


Same thing happening with me. It is extremely annoying. What is the point of having a font manager if I have to keep turning on the fonts I want to use all the time? FIX THIS EXTENSIS!


+1 for a fix for this issue. About half of my fonts remain active, but the other have I have to manually re-activate every time I restart my computer.



System font conflicts can cause that, as well as problems with system font caches. I recommend taking a look at this KB article and following its steps:


If you’re on a different version of Mac OS X, take a look at the Related KB Articles underneath the above article.

If the article’s steps don’t do the trick, please contact my support team: https://www.extensis.com/support/contact-technical-support/