PDF Page size


Any chance there are more page sizes in the works for PDF output in Ver2017? Way back in Ver-8, we could draw from any of the available printer’s page sizes ( and set our own grid too). We need to frequently work with Tabloid sheets for printed thumbnails, and have to default back to Bridge to make that happen.


Hi Bruce,

I’m just an engineer and I’m not always in privy to the product direction, but I can safely say that no, there isn’t currently anything like that in the works. However, now that you’ve brought it up, at least it will be on our radar for the future.

Thanks for reaching out, and I’m sorry that we dropped a capability that you were relying on.



Thanks for the reply, I guess. Would love to add additional page sizes and self-created grids, just like we had back in ver 8.5, to the feature request list.