P11 Catalogue shortcuts


In all previous versions of Portfolio (8/8.5 onwards), instead of storing my catalogues in

C:\Program Files\Extensis\Portfolio Server\applications\native-server\Catalogs

I’ve used a shortcut and stored my actual catalogues on a RAID - this just ensured they were backed-up and didn’t take up space on my C drive.

However on my current set-up (P11, Windows 2008 server) although the catalogues work, I can’t take them on/offline individually in Server Admin. If I take a catalogue offline, I get the message:
"The server returned a fault with this message; NotFound"
when I try to put it back online. If I put a real catalogue in the catalogs folder it works correctly.

Has anyone else had this problem (or even use my set-up). Is it a glitch in my system or is it a “bug” in the current version of Porfolio?





Starting with Portfolio Server 9, we no longer support catalog aliases, so this change is intentional. I believe that the reason for this change was that catalog aliases weren’t always pointing to reliable locations, causing some of our customers a good bit of grief.