Organizing Fonts by Keywords such as "Art Deco" or "Tiki"


Okay: This has been bugging me for some time. And I was about to switch to the new FontExplorer X because of this, but I’ll give it one more go-round in Suitcase Fusion. In Suitcase Fusion I like to make sets of fonts–maybe 50 sets total (or more)–with titled things like “1950s,” “Art Deco,” “Tiki,” “Punk,” etc. in order to easily go pick out fonts I want to use for a given job, so I can easily find them.

The problem is, Extensis has removed the ability to open (view the contents of) more than one Library at a time: the one that is currently selected. Making the ability to move sets or fonts between Sets and Libraries impossible. I can’t really organize my fonts the way I want to. I think I just have to make new Libraries.

I have these sets stored inside a Library called “Font Styles,” or “Fonts by Style,” so my list of fonts in the left pane looks like this (example):

(Library) "Font Styles"
1920s (set)
1950s (set)
Architecture (set)
Celtic (set)
Distressed (set)


But I also have a Library of fonts that is composed of sets that are alphabetized. And now I can’t move a font from a Set in that Library into a specific Set in another Library.

Also: Keywords don’t stick to all fonts. And Classifications only let you pick one Classification checkbox.

I’m curious as to how others manage thousands of fonts by style. Are there any Extensis employees who use thousands of fonts, do design work, and need to organize thousands of fonts by themes or styles (such as Tiki, Art Deco, etc.)? Can Extensis please add back a triangle drop-down for hierarchies, in this case, Library contents, so more than one Library can be open. To view, I mean–not activation. In the left pane.

Also: Tile view would be cool, like the new FontExplorer.


The main inconvenience is that you can’t drag+copy a font from one Set inside a Library directly to another Set inside ANOTHER Library.

You have to create a new Set, then move that into the desired Library, then move the fonts from within that Library.

Because you’re not allowed to see the contents of more than one Library at a time in the left pane folder list view.


You can. Pick up the font(s) and keep holding the mouse button. Place your cursor on the second library, and hold it there for a second or so, and it should then expand the library and show all the sets beneath it. You can similarly hover over a set, to expand that if you have a nested structure to your sets as well. Then let go of the mouse button to drop the font(s) and it will copy it to that library & set.


That doesn’t work for me. The Library doesn’t expand to let me see the sets. Just stays shut. I can copy to another Library, but then I have to go into the Library, find the font I just copied, and then sort from inside.

Also, not all my Library folders even let me copy fonts into them.

I can provide a screen capture video of you want.

Running Mac OS 10.10.3, Mac mini (Late 2012)…


Plus, I’m not sure I understand the design concept behind the inability to see what’s in more than one library at a time. I would think you’d want to see your font destination, if copying fonts between sets and libraries.


I actually meant to post this question and comments under the section for Suitcase Fusion 6 (Mac OS).

Additional note: the auto-open Library folders don’t work on two different machines I’ve tested. I think that feature is broken. So I’m developing workarounds. Not the end of the world. I’m converting all my category/keyword font sets into smart sets, which is working well.

And I have to say, the vault archive functionality of Suitcase Fusion 6 is outstanding. So I can’t complain!



I don’t understand why it’s not working and you should probably contact technical support directly for assistance, as I can copy between libraries without any issue.

I posted on your other post though to highlight the difference that you’re displaying. Font Explorer doesn’t have ‘libraries’ but simply stores all fonts in a single ‘library’ and then organises into sets and subsets, as per your screenshot. You’re not comparing like with like therefore, as you can do the same in Suitcase, all within a single library.

Libraries were added in Suitcase Fusion 2 (v13) as a means to separate out collections of fonts from each other. Hence why you only see the sets for the particular library you have selected, and you can set our Auto-Activation plug-in to only activate fonts from a specific library. It seems based on your outline that you shouldn’t really be using libraries therefore, but have a single library with sets and subsets.


I think my main issue now is that a) library folder icons don’t open on hover (to copy fonts into them), and b) it’s too bad you can’t simpy have multiple folders open to compare contents. With a little triangle arrow icon. I guess someone thinks it’s faster, but visually the user has less information available.