Optimize computer's speed by reorganizing fonts? 2 QUESTIONS


I’ve read the Suitcase Fusion 6 User Guide (Mac), and “Font-Management-in-OSX-Best-Practices-Guide.pdf”. Both provide crucial information.

And yet, I’m still confused about how to optimize placement/organization of fonts so they don’t unnecessarily slow down the computer.
The startup speed of my computer is slow. I’m wondering if fonts are at issue.
NOTE: My Startup drive is a 1.5 TB, with 1.17 TB available. So, the drive’s capacity isn’t an issue re speed.

As explained in the above documents, I understand that there are:
System” fonts (in /System/Library/Fonts: I have the correct original 37 OS 10.7.5 fonts).
Local” fonts (in /Library/Fonts: I have the original 188 fonts, plus 217 others, e.g. Adobe fonts).
User” fonts (in ~User/Library/Fonts: I have 5,892 fonts; only 77 are activated in SF6).
Also, there is the SF6 “Font Vault” library: It has 619 font families, with only 5 activated).

QUESTION 1: Do deactivated fonts — regardless of how many fonts there are — impact computer speed? a) if they’re in “Local” fonts folder?; b) if they’re in the “User” fonts folder?

QUESTION 2: When I examine the font files in the “User” fonts folder, I see that the application associated with some is "FONT BOOK and with others it is "SUITCASE FUSION 6."
THE QUESTION IS: Do I need to do anything to/with Font Book, like disable it? That app is completely non-functional; I get the spinning beach ball every time I open it and try to activate/deactivate fonts. That’s why I recently purchased Suitcase Fusion 6.

Thanks in advance, for input on this inquiry.


Hello DavidPurnell:

Your Mac is booting slowly and FontBook is beach-balling because you have almost 6K fonts installed in FontBook.

Following our extensis.com/support/knowled … 10-7-lion/ should answer “Yes” to both your questions.