Open PDFs from Web Client


I realize that Portfolio was originally made to handle stock photos (which it does most excellently), and has adopted other media over the years. My challenge is that in addition to images, I’ve got scads of PDFs, and one can only “see” the first page of a multiple page document. What are the chances that V12 will allow opening up the whole document just to see what’s there? I don’t suppose there’s any sort of workaround or add-on that will accomodate that?



It’s a feature request in relation to the Web Client, but it should be noted that the Desktop Client (Mac/Windows) has the ability to ‘switch to original’ from the first page preview we create, and can then browse all the pages within a PDF or PPT, and some other multi-page/layered files.


OK, I’ll bite. I’ve looked throught the Desktop Client user’s guide and find nothing remotely describing the “switch to original” view pdf described. Can you please tell me how?


When you double click to preview, the preview window by default will load any ‘Screen Preview’ if you have them enabled. You’ll see across the top it says 'Screen Preview of filename.xxx. In the buttons within that window, above the preview image is a button to ‘Switch to Original’. When you click that it will then load the full original file, and make the various next,previous,first,last buttons clickable just to the right of that across the top.