One observation and one request for advice


I just updated to the latest version of Quark Xpress 9.5.1 and it looks like the problem of Xpress crashing when autoactivating with Suitcase 4 (15.0.5) has gone away. I’ve tried it on 2 iMacs (Mountain Lion) and it seems to be working as it should, so far at least.

My main Mac is a new iMac which arrived in December with Mountain Lion already loaded. However I also have an older MacBook Pro which I take with me when away from my office. This one went from Leopard to Mountain Lion as an OS X update. It had a working copy of Suitcase (12.1.7) running on it when I did the upgrade to ML. To my surprise, after installing Mountain Lion the old version of Suitcase still seems to work. However lots of other stuff stopped working so I’ve upgraded all those (Creative Cloud CS6, Xpress 9.5 etc.). I also bought a shiny new copy of Suitcase 4 which is still sat here in its box waiting to be installed.

My question is how should I go about removing 12.1.7 and installing 15.0.5 without terrible things happening (which, in my experience, often happens when ever I do anything that involves fonts).




I’ve sorted the Macbook now so please ignore the question above.