Old Preview Files when Regenerated?


Here’s possibly another one of those unanswerable questions for the board…

What happens to the preview file when you re-generate a new record preview? Is it abandoned or purged? Does the new file get a new file name and the old one abandoned? Does it get over-written by the new version? Or does it take a “Recover” to clean up all of the un-used files?

How best to address this for housekeeping purposes? I’m trying to look at reducing the space used on the server drive we specified to hold our previews.

Thanks in advance!


Preview files use the Record ID number for their filename, so regenerating would replace whatever is there currently with a new file using the same filename. So if you’re reducing the pixel size of previews, and regenerating them it would reduce the storage space being used by the previews folder. The easiest way to regenerate on everything is using the web client.



Thanks for the answer, that’s good news… So you suggest using the web client to regenerate previews?

Just for the sake of asking, why is the web client better that pc or mac clients?



The desktop client presents a progress bar pop up when you initiate the regeneration. Whilst that’s displayed you can’t do anything else unless you cancel the process. As the web client is an application running off the server, it sends the job to the server to regenerate the thumbnails and previews, and you can view the progress from the ‘show jobs’ window, but it all happens in the background on the server. You can still use the client to do other things whilst that is progressing or even logout without it interrupting it.