No main window on boot


Hey all.

I´m having a couple of problems with Suitcase Fusion 4.
Some I can live with, but this one really bothers me.

On launch, there´s no main window.
This means I have no way of managing my fonts. I can´t do anything.
The auto activation for InDesign still works.

The only solution I have is to choose “clean font cache” from Suitcase menu. This requires restart, and after that I can see my window again. Next boot, same thing.

I´ve tried Extensis on twitter. No cigar. Hoping someone out there can help me?

My specs are:
OSX 10.7.5
Suitcase 4 Version 15.0.5 (515)
InDesign CS6





For something that isn’t a known issue like this, you’d be best advised to Contact Technical Support directly for assistance or call one of our offices for assistance with a technician.


Found my answer here.
Thank god for users with a conscience. I know they have, but it seems support has none.



Hi Tricky,

We have ‘a conscience’, hence my advice to contact us directly for assistance with your problem, but there’s not much we can do if that advice isn’t taken. Looking in our customer database, the email address you used to register for these forums isn’t registered with us, and so there’s no support tickets or products registered either, which would also suggest you didn’t call as usually we’d require registration to qualify for support.

But anyway, I’m glad your issue is resolved. The issue of a missing computer name is well known to us, even before the post from Harley, but we prefer to handle support through direct channels (email and telephone) on a one-to one basis, rather than forums for various reasons. That’s why you won’t necessarily see answers from support technicians on these forums. I’ve yet to understand personally how anyone ends up with a Mac with no computername though to hit this problem! By default Apple would put ‘Your name’s MacBook Pro’ or similar as the computer name on a fresh setup, so it’s hard to understand how it’s ending up blank for some users.


Talk about slow reply. (From my side)

Agreed. But it was the number of characters in the name, not missing computer name.