No fonts are showing up


Am I missing something obvious? I’ve put fonts in SF7 (on Mac OS 10.11.5) by loading and by dragging and not fonts appear. I remember during the install something about locating fonts folders, which I did and nothing. I checked all of the permissions on the hard drives. I purchased the update just for SF7 just so I could use it with OS 10.11 (which I only did to get updates in the Adobe suite) and it has done nothing for me but waste my time. I haven’t even tried the adobe apps yet. I don’t even get system fonts. Odd, right? I willing to look like a knucklehead if I over looked something simple, otherwise I’ll put in a support ticket. Thanks for any help in advance.


Hi CitizenM,

It is odd behavior and I would suggest putting in a support ticket. There are several things that could be going on and the most efficient way to handle things is to contact our Support team using the link below:



Thanks, mmarsden. I appreciate the response. I was hoping it was something simple I overlooked. I put in a support ticket earlier. First response didn’t change anything. We’ll see what comes next. Thanks again!