Newbie Information--Help, Training, Mentorship needed


:unamused: I purchased the software based on a lot of online videos telling me that I should. I already knew my font collection was out of control. That does not mean that I am very experienced or have a command of computer language. Is there someplace to get Suitcase for Dummies? I honestly don’t know what all the program does, or how to use it. So far it doesn’t seem integrated with my adobe programs. I am terrified to start pulling things out of the computer… I am just shy of knowing enough to be dangerous.

Someone, please point me in the right direction. Thank you,



Hi Deb!

You can find the information you are looking for in the help docs that are available in the app or you can click the link below:

helpdocs.extensis.com/en/suitcas … /index.htm

There are guided sections on how to set up and get started with Suitcase Fusion.

Also there is a large selection of videos that highlight specific features of the product that might be helpful as well, you can find them here:

extensis.com/font-management … resources/

Just click on the videos tab. Most of the videos show the Mac UI but the features are exactly the same on Windows.

Thanks for purchasing Suitcase!