New Netpublish features


Aside from being able to create new websites quicker, is there any difference in the functionality for the end user? Will it still allow for advanced search capabilities? Will the new sites allow for group resizing, which it currently does not allow? Is there a list of all the new changes we can check out before we download the information?


There’s several changes, to make things easier for end users. Rather than having a limited quickfind (keywords only) and separate ‘advanced find’, it’s now just the one Quickfind box, but it does so much more. It automatically searches all fields, including document text, allows for multiple terms, wildcard, boolean, and field specific searches. Check out the Portfolio Web User Guide for more details on how the new Quickfind works (page 15 I think).

It also produces predictive entries as you start typing what you want to search on, based on all the field values applied within your catalog, whether they’re in a predefined list or not. For example, if I start typing ‘Nik’ in my catalog I get values pulled from both the Camera Make field (Nikon, Nikon Corporation etc.), and the Camera Model field (Nikon D2X, Nikon D70 etc.) appear directly below the quickfind box for me to select from if I wish.

It automatically adjusts the thumbnail display based on your browser window size, paying attention to portrait versus landscape to keep things even, and also automatically considers the browser you’re using (desktop/tablet/mobile) so that the experience is a better fit to the device you’re on. You don’t need to publish a different version of a site for each device type.

There’s of course more great features and it’s probably best to talk with your local sales representative if you want a full list before making any decision on the product. The real question is what you’re looking for from a site? However, a few quick examples of other features includes, site expiry date, user account management, request access to a site, feedback and sharing options, and more…

Regarding your download question, if enabled you can select multiple items and then choose to download them either as original files, or converted and resized as JPEGs. If you also have the Portfolio Media Engine, additional conversion options are available. I hope this answers some of your main questions about the new NetPublish, but as I say if you need to know more specifics, please contact us directly.