New Adobe Illustrator Plugin for UTC 6.1.3


Hello all,

With our most recent UTC (6.1.3) release we delivered an alternate Illustrator plugin we’ve been secretly working on and want to offer our customers an early opportunity to try it out and provide feedback before making it available to the world.
Note, this plugin is not installed by default so you’ll need some instructions to deploy it and restore your old plugin (if desired).

Here is some info regarding the new Illustrator plugin:

1. Is the new plugin a beta?
No, the alternate plugin is not a beta. It is a well-tested release-quality plugin designed to handle auto-activation in Illustrator while leveraging the latest Creative Cloud font activation advancements. We want your highly-regarded feedback to consider feature refinements before widely distributing it.

2. Why do I need a new Illustrator plugin, my old one works fine?
As Adobe continues to advance its Creative Cloud applications old font commands get deprecated making plugin activation less effective. Extensis is committed to delivering the best quality Adobe CC font activation plugins and this is our newest opportunity to engage with you.
The new plugin is leaner and meaner! It activates more quickly and more intelligently. Please let us know if you want to take it for a spin.

3. What are the significant differences in this new plugin?
The plugin no longer relies on our pick “best match” options but instead chooses perfect matches using our patented Font Sense technology (Why-Font-Sense.pdf) with Adobe’s latest font matching technology. The two technologies together make the perfect match! (I know so corny, sorry couldn’t help myself).

4. Will I affect my current work if I switch to using this new plugin?
No, as a matter of fact we’ll provide a way to restore your previous plugin if you desire.

5. Ok, I’m want it, how do I install it?
Just email me directly - cmeyer@extensis.com and demand the new UTC Illustrator plugin.
I will send you back an email with deployment instructions.

6. What if I have other questions?
Post them here and I’ll answer them for you.

Chris Meyer
Product Manager
Universal Type Server Team