Netpublish QuickSearch Customization?


My workplace implemented Portolio 2016 as a CMS for photography early last year. We are publishing a selection of those photographs to other employees inside the company via NetPublish.

We did customize the NetPublish site quite a bit to make it work little bit more like a “Google search”. There’s only one search field available for the user (the QuickSearch) and people can just search keywords without have to use any AND/OR operators (we made the AND operator just default).

It works well 90% of the time, but we have one problem. The QuickSearch searches every single field associated with the file, including the information about when the file was cataloged, a date that interferes with the “shooting date” when people want to search when the image was taken.

Example: An image of a blue Ford Focus which was shot in 2005, but was cataloged 2016, comes up when you search (via QuickSearch in NetPublish) for “Blue Ford Focus 2016”.

Done anyway know how we can possibly solve this? Can we somehow limit the fields the Quicksearch searches in? Can we someone erase the catalog date information (would like to stay away from that)?

Any help greatly appreciated!



Try Advanced Search. By using the advanced search you can specify which fields the application is searching. To enable advanced search on a netpublish site, log into the web client, select netpublish on the top banner, select edit netpublish site, select the site to be modified, then in the sidebar there is a “Search and Sort” section where advanced search can be enabled and configured for specific fields like the “Shooting Date” field that you mentioned in your query.

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Overall the advanced search in any of the interfaces needs to be reviewed what data fields it is searching. It would be nice if the admin could choose which data fields to search, and maybe even adjust the order in which it sorts data fields.

The other thing that needs to happen is assets needs to be sorted by relevance as a default and then from there if a user wants assets sorted another way they can choose from a list. The list of sort options needs to be expandable to include custom created data fields.

The quick search also needs to include the ability to show which data fields it found the criteria in as a determining factor in showing it as a possible result.

It would also be helpful to have the functionality for asset filtering. If a file type or keywords are undesirable a user can uncheck them and have those assets filtered out of the search results.


Some good suggestions here Spencer, strongly agree on the “relevance sorting” feature, for example.

I’ve spent a lot of time with Extensis and know the Advanced Search very well. Having said that it’s not what I’m looking for though in this case, for various of reasons and that’s why I asked the specific “developer’s question” about customizing (a.k.a code “hacking”) the QuickSearch. At my company we have done some of that but would like to explore much further what we’re able to do.

Would love to hear from someone that really has dived into the source code of NetPublish.

Thanks to everyone who chime in!


Try also using text based modifiers AND, NOT, and OR (that have to be in all uppercase) or even using quotes around the exact string of text you want to search by.

Using your example above try Blue Ford Focus NOT 2016. This can also apply to file extensions and folder structure. Blue Ford Focus NOT psd NOT 2016 AND Final, etc.