Netpublish Advanced Search - Searching two words on the same search field


Our geography teachers catalog the “theme” field for their films with up to 8 words.
For example, a film about volcanoes is catalogued as:

“Volcanismus”,“Island”,“Nord America”,“Hawaii” …

At the moment all these different strings are stored in a multi-value field. This field is exposed in the advanced search mask (ASM) of the Netpublish Website linked to the geography department.

But, as far as I know, thourgh the ASM if I use this search string “Volcanismus Hawaii” I will receive as answer the assets where ONE of the strings contains “Volcanismus Hawaii”.

So, the question is: how what I can do so I get the assets that have one string with value “Volcanismus” and another string with value “Hawaii”.

I supose that creating 2,3 different “Theme” fields with the same content would do the trick but I would prefer not to create more fields.

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There are not operators that can be used in advanced find to look for Keyword AND/OR Keyword2. I think your idea of creating multiple fields containing the same content is going to be the best way to look for multiple keywords at a time. This is something that has been asked for before and I’ll add your information on the feature request.

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