Needs to install/update font management popup on start


MAC OS 10.10.5
Suitcase Fusion 6 v 17.3.0
Every time i start up suitcase i get a message "Suitcase Fusion 6 needs to install/update font management components."
I click install, enter admin password and i can use suitcase.
If i close suitcase and restart it i have to go through the same process.
How do i make this message go away?


This is happening to me as well, any solution that you’ve figured out yet? Seems like some kind of writing permission in the folder structure that isn’t allowing it to keep the plugins in place, but that’s from my anecdotal assessment of the situation. Let me know, thanks!


Have you recently upgraded to El Capitan 10.11?

If so, Apple has tightened up security and changed permissions for folders throughout their system.
Many software vendors like Extensis have stored files in some of these locations. Their changes have interrupted normal use of many products including Suitcase.

To fix the problem, a simple re-install of the application (right over the top) will take care of the issue while honoring your current font vault and preference files.
This action should prevent you from having to login each time Suitcase attempts to access required components and preference files.

Let us know how it goes.



Reinstalling Suitcase Fusion 6 does not fix this problem. I have tried many things on two different systems and Extensis tech support still has not provided a fix for this issue. Extensis, this problem is real please help with a solution that works.

This is my case number 5095422. Logs have already been submitted.


We’re sorry the issue persists and that we’ve been unable to help you through it.

Suitcase’s requirement to install plugins should only occur when none are installed, the wrong ones are installed or when it can’t access the necessary files needed to register the plugins with itself.

With that said, I have reached out to my support rep on the case to gain access to your logs. In the meanwhile, would you be able to gather an OS X system profile for this machine? You can email it directly to me at: cmeyer@extensis.com



Hi Chris,

The system information has been emailed.



@ colinharman

We were able to work offline with kyoungsteadt to resolve this issue. The problem turned out to be incorrect permissions setting on a directory that Suitcase requires to access a critical component. That’s why the issue requires elevating your permissions before being able to proceed with Suitcase.

Here are the details:
Extensis needs to access to files in the /usr/local/bin directory.
These shared bin directories on a Mac should be owned by the user root, group wheel, and the permissions should be 755 (rwxr-xr-x).
Ensuring the user can read and execute in this directory should resolve your issue.

If find yourself still stuck after applying these changes, please reach out to Extensis Support: