Need MSI for Suitcase Fusion 5 v16.2.0



Need MSI for Suitcase Fusion 5 v16.2.0. Not the EXE that is on website. Can this be done?

Michael Hume

Silent Setup - Activation


There are no .msi installers available for Suitcase.

I would recommend using the exe so you get the prerequisites installed. Using the msi won’t install the prerequisites.

For the Windows installers you can use the exe installer with the following command line arguments: /s /v”/quiet /norestart”

If you want to allow restarting you can omit the “/norestart” option.


The silent options for install work well, but I’d like to be able to take it a little further. Is there a way to pass my user’s serial number via a MSI property to the installer? This will alleviate the need for the user to have to manually key it in upon first launch.



We don’t have any info for passing serialization info via MSI. What you can do is enter the serial number on one machine, then copy the serial number file (C:\ProgramData.ST160) to the same location on other machines.