Mysterious fonts showing up in InDesign


I’m wondering why all kinds of fonts are showing in Suitcase Fusion which I know I do not own. If I click on them and select “option r” to see where they are located, nothing comes up. It’s annoying because I like to keep my list of activated fonts quite small in Indesign, and something is causing all kinds of odd fonts to show up.



It sounds like you might be seeing TypeKit fonts (they come from Adobe of course). They are in a folder that is hidden on the hard drive which is why when you select them and option+r to reveal them in the Finder it doesn’t do anything.

When you see these fonts in Suitcase Fusion where do they appear exactly?


Hi, Thanks for this. I finally discovered that they were in an Apple Library: Library-AppSuppoort-Apple_Fonts-iwork. So I moved that folder elsewhere on my hard drive so they wouldn’t be accessible. It’s just sort of weird, because they only started showing up a few days ago, and I couldn’t (still can’t!) figure out why.



Oh I see, yeah those fonts are coming from iWork based on the path you posted.

Another trick you can use to figure out where fonts are located on your machine is to do the following:

  1. Under the Apple menu select About this Mac
  2. Click the System Report button
  3. When the report opens look for Fonts on the left had side (will be close to the bottom)
  4. Click Fonts, it will take a second to load
  5. Find the font you want to locate and select it (this is listing all the currently open fonts on the system)
  6. In the bottom pane find Location, this will tell you exactly where the font lives on your hard drive

This can be helpful if they are stored in a protected system location like the ones from iWork.

Thanks for using Suitcase Fusion 7!



Thank you. Very helpful!