Multiple Classifications for Fonts?



while I was categorizing my font library, I found that you cannot assign multiple classifications to the same font.

But, if I have a Serif font which is Transitional, I’d like to assign both the “Serif” and “Transitional” value to it. The same goes with Slab Serif, Humanist (Sans) or Calligraphy (Script) fonts.

This is a problem, because I need to create a smart set which is specific of a classification (slab,handwritten,ect.) but also a more generic smart set which includes a whole genre (serif,sans,script,ect.), and you cannot do that with this limitation.

Is there another way to do that (without recreating a classification system based on keywords, which is reduntant)?


I’m having an issue with this too.
If I have a font in my Serif set, the only way I can add it to my SmallCaps set too while still keeping it in the Serif set is to find it within my greater Font Library and drag it to both folders.
This is maddeningly impractical, tedious, and is messing up the organization of my font sets and will force me to begin using another font program if there isn’t a workaround.
Similar to an iTunes playlist, it would make sense to be able to drag and drop a song (font) while within one set (playlist) directly to another set (playlist), and this was possible in Suitcase 2.
Is there a setting I’m missing?
Right now there’s no direct way to add a font to a specific project set while keeping in its attribute set without messing up the attribute sets that I’ve worked for ages to create!
There has to be a fix for this, right??


The second post doesn’t quite relate to the first, as the first user is talking about using smart sets, not manually dragging fonts into a set. For the second issue, simply hold the alt/option key whilst you do the drag and drop of the font from one set to the other to do a ‘copy’ instead of a ‘move’. This is outlined on page 49 of the Suitcase Fusion 4 Mac User Guide.

Regards Classifications, then yes it currently only allows one value to be assigned to a font. If you feel it should work differently, you should submit a feature request via our Online contact form.