Missing roughly 100 fonts from two new UTC installs


We have been using UTS6 and UTC6 for a year or so, and have been getting rid of our OSx machines and going to Windows. Our final two machines were setup on Friday and we noticed on Monday that about 100 fonts are missing from these new machines. All the new machines have been setup the same, Windows 7 Pro, running primarily Adobe CC appliactions. All the rest can see all the fonts just fine, but these last two simply do not see 100 or so of the fonts we have. It seems to be the same fonts on both machines, and we don’t have any special groups or permissions setup, we have 10 licenses and have 10 computers now using UTC6. They all have the same version of the UTC, 6.1.1 I think, so I upgraded one of these machines to the latest version, 6.1.3 I think with no change. I’ve tried different UTS accounts and even used the same account that is working fine on another machine.

Please advise, thanks.


Thanks for your question. Most likely you were using Postscript (Type1) or Truetype fonts native only to the Mac. These fonts types are not compatible on Windows systems.

The most reliable way to transition from platform-specific Type 1 fonts or MacOS TrueType fonts is to find (and license) the OpenType versions of the fonts you have been using, preferably from the vendor who licensed the Type 1 version of the font.

NOTE - We strongly recommend against the use of font converters. Conversion processes leave out resources sometimes necessary for fonts to work properly.


Thanks for your reply. I am aware that some fonts won’t show up on WIndows, but I can see these 100 or so missing font on all the other 8 Windows machines we have deployed over the last 6+ months and have had no problem - they can continue to see the fonts as we speak, but these most recent machines we deployed simply don’t show 100 or so of the fonts in the list. Normally when you have a font that is not supported it will show the font in the UTC, but upon clicking on it, it will tell you that this font is not available for preview or use in Windows. In this case the fonts aren’t even in the list!


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