Migrating to TypeSync for a non-vault library


My Suitcase library won’t allow me to enable TypeSync. I presume this is because my fonts are not stored in the Vault (I like the ability to organize my fonts on disk), but is there a process for migrating to TypeSync without manually rebuilding my library from scratch? It’s fairly sizable & I like the organization I have in place.

Tim King


Hi tking13,

If the Typesync “Enable Library Syncing” is grayed out, you have most likely selected a set from within a Library. Please select the main Library from the set(s) you would like to have Typesync enabled. This will enable you to upload your fonts and sets from within the selected Library. For more information about Typesync, please visit our help page here:



That was evidently the issue. I’ll have to clean up my library & make sure I have enough disk space (since it’ll evidently copy everything to my vault), but it does seem to be working now. Thank you,

Tim King