Migrate and Upgrade to 5.2



I am trying to upgrade from v4 to v5 whilst at the same time migrate to a new Mac Mini. I have installed v5.2 on the new Mac Mini (running 10.10.5), copied over the backup from v4 (running on 10.9.5) and imported. All appears to be fine server side however users are missing fonts and in some cases entire workgroups are showing as having no fonts when logged in via the client. During testing with a couple of users this problem was not apparent but as I have moved more and more users over it has become unusable so I have had to revert back to v4 which is a problem in itself as users are now on CC2015. Strangely if I recreate the user as say User 2 and map them to the relevant workgroups they appear to be ok. I have raised this with tech support and am waiting a response but in the mean time wondered if anyone else had successfully migrated to a new server or are having any similar issues?


I know when we upgraded from 4 to 5 in a mac based environment, the user’s fonts desynced with the server and ceased working. The fix, for us at least, was to have the users choose sync & reset from the Type Font Client dropdown menu (you have to hold ctrl or cmd when looking through the options menu to find it).


On initial testing that seems to fix it. Thanks very much Formumguy for the tip, I did not know about that hidden menu option.


Thanks Forumguy for the savvy assist!

We mention this feature in user help but probably not as prominent as it should be. We’ll work on that. :slightly_smiling:
helpdocs.extensis.com/en/univers … ight=reset

Some additional info:
Synchronize (by itself) does an incremental sync and will only update changes made since the last client synchronization.
Synchronize & reset does a full client replication sync and should resolve out-of-sync conditions between clients and server.

Generally when you upgrade you force all clients to perform a full replication anyway because it is feasible to restore a backup that doesn’t match the last one you used. So UTS has users re-sync with the upgraded database to validate their local font caches.

From your comments, it sounds like the local client’s database was not showing the Fonts and Workgroups they were entitled to. That is exactly the point at which Sync & Reset works best.

Hope this extra info is helpful.