Making Network Folder Accessible for AutoSync


We are setting up a server catalog for the first time and I want to add a watch folder. Portfolio Server runs on Windows server.
I complete the steps in adding a watch folder from my client but always get the error “Portfolio Server could not access the selected folder. For the server’s AutoSync feature to work, the selected folder must be accessible from the machine on which Portfolio Server is running.”

This happens both with Win and Mac clients. What do I need to do so the server will have access to this network share?

Also on page 20 of server admin guide it talks about having port 548 open. Is this necessary for mac clients.



The Portfolio Server services on the Windows server need to have permissions to read & write access to the network share. Open up Services.msc on the server and double click on the Portfolio Server service, then switch to the ‘Log On’ tab. If it’s set to ‘Local System Account’, then it will only have permission to access local folders. Change it to ‘This Account’ and enter a network account that has adequate permissions (Read & Write at a minimum). It’s a good idea to use an account whose password does not expire, otherwise access to the share will be lost when the password expires. Add the same account credentials to the remaining services whose names begin with ‘Portfolio Server’.

Some more details from the Portfolio Server admin guide:

The account must have full read/write access to all network locations that contain files that you intend to catalog and make available to users of Portfolio Server.
The account also needs to be a member of the local Administrators group, so that it has full control over the Portfolio Server program directory and system files.
In addition, in order for the account to run as a Windows service, it must be granted the Log on as service privilege in the Local Security Policy console.