Maintaining folder structure when moving/copying files to a new catalog


Is there any way to keep the child folder structure intact when moving or copying a main folder to another catalog?

We maintain a current and archive catalog for our images based on origination date. Since we just hit the end of a calendar year, I need to move approximately 10K images into our archive catalog. I’d love to be able to just grab the root folder for that year and have all the sub folders and assets follow, but that’s not happening (it used to in Ver 11.2)

And since the structure of the archive catalog has the year folders at the root level of a watched folder, you cannot simply copy sub-folders into the folder. I’m dreading having to take the time to create new folders and then move all these assets folder by folder.

Is there any work-around for this?



There is not currently a way to maintain subfolder structure while moving contents in Portfolio.

Thank you,


I have asked for this feature as well.